The Driving Theory Test

Hadley School of Motoring’s Driving Theory Online Workshop is the ultimate solution for individuals aiming to ace their driving theory exams. With a proven track record of success through our online tuition program, you can confidently rely on us to provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your needs. Our meticulously crafted curriculum leaves no stone unturned, encompassing a thorough exploration of essential topics ranging from road regulations to nuanced understanding of road signs and beyond. 

Did you know the National Average Pass rate for 2022/23 was 44%?

This is where our expertise shines. Our workshops are led by fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructors, boasting years of experience in guiding learners to success in their driving theory test. Our experts are dedicated to delivering high-quality tuition and support throughout your learning journey, ensuring you gain the knowledge and confidence to ace your test. Say farewell to doubt and embrace our Workshops – your pathway to feeling fully prepared and empowered to conquer the road ahead.

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About the DVSA Theory Test

There are 2 parts to the DVSA Theory Test:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Hazard Perception – a video test about spotting hazards on the road

You book and take both parts as a single test and must pass both parts to pass the theory test.
You have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions.
You’ll then watch 14 video clips. The clips:
feature everyday road scenes and contain at least one ‘developing hazard’ – but one of the clips features 2 developing hazards!
You get points for spotting the developing hazards as soon as they start to happen.

Compelling Reasons to Choose Hadley School of Motoring!

You usually need to take the theory test before you can get your full car driving licence.
You do not need to take the car theory test if you:
want to upgrade an automatic car licence to a manual one
have a category B1 driving licence (3 or 4-wheeled light vehicles) from before 1 February 2001

The multiple-choice questions in the theory test are based on 3 books:
The Highway Code
Know your traffic signs.
Driving – the essential skills

You’ll get the result at the test centre after taking the theory test. You must pass both parts to pass the test.
Pass mark Points available.
Multiple-choice questions 43/50
Hazard perception 44/75

Don’t worry, you’ll get a letter at the test centre. It’ll tell you which parts you did not score enough points on, so you know what to practise.
You must book and take the full test again, even if you passed one part this time.
But must wait at least 3 working days before taking your test again.

The driving theory test lasts approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. The multiple-choice part of the test takes 57 minutes, and the hazard perception test runs for 20 minutes.
Don’t forget, you need to arrive at the test centre 30 minutes before the test.

Our approach at Hadley School of Motoring ensures that learning isn’t just about reading; it’s about experiencing and mastering the material in an interactive way. Track your progress with quizzes and tests, ensuring you’re on the right track every step of the journey!

With guidance from fully qualified DVSA instructors – Say goodbye to uncertainty and confusion. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to tracking your progress, offering expert advice, and providing unwavering support throughout your learning journey.

Trust Hadley School of Motoring to be your dedicated mentor on the journey to passing your theory test.

Don't let the driving theory test intimidate you anymore.

We are here to support you on your journey to passing the theory test and getting one step closer to earning your driver’s license and hitting the open road. 

With our online Theory Test Workshops, we aim to help you go into the theory exam fully prepared. 

Together, let's conquer the Driving Theory Test!

  • Sale! Hadley School of motoring - Quality driving lessons & theory test workshops
    Original price was: £60.00.Current price is: £45.00.
    19:30-21:00 - 2 session course - Click below to check availability Unlock…
  • Sale! Hadley School of motoring - Quality driving lessons & theory test workshops
    Original price was: £60.00.Current price is: £45.00.
    19:30-21:00 - 2 session course - Click below to check availability Unlock…